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The global business community is rapidly changing. Is your business changing with it?

Public relations has always been about influencing others and engaging them in meaningful ways, but the technology and techniques for doing so have changed drastically... and your approach has to change with it.

Today’s public relations strategies are about more than just traditional methods. It’s about finding the right ways to reach your target audiences and keeping them constantly in touch with your ever-changing concepts, products and ideas.

With experience in international, national, regional and local communications across various industry sectors, DMB PR can help you increase awareness, build credibility, strengthen business and media relationships, manage reputations and generate broad-based press and social media coverage.

Our Process

Every organization is unique, which is why we have no patience for old school, factory-like public relations – our clients deserve better. DMB PR builds public relations strategies based on your business's objectives and your audiences' needs, using the right mix of a wide variety of services that fall into five main categories:

• Listen & Evaluate >> Before we can engage and influence audiences on your behalf, we need to listen to what they really want from your organization and evaluate the right messages and mechanisms to engage them.

• Plan Your Strategy >> We develop a plan of attack grounded in your business objectives to ensure all communications are launched from a strategic platform.

• Create Tools & Content >> A variety of tools such as press kits, streaming videos, dynamic websites and media lists are created, along with audience-specific content such as tips and testimonials, to prepare for a meaningful conversation.

• Join the Discussion >> Armed with the right tools and content, we join the conversations taking place, providing timely, relevant information on the industry and your organization.

• Start the Conversation >> Harnessing the vehicles most likely to reach your audience (blogs, RSS feeds, community pages, social media, tradeshows, speaking engagements, forums, etc.), we tell them meaningful stories that help engage them further with your brand.

Your Results

When influencers, such as journalists, industry organizations and online thought leaders, say positive things about your company, your products/services, or your latest news - people listen. Properly executed, public relations can impact your organization from top to bottom – increasing brand awareness and positive associations with your product to literally driving sales and leads.

DMB PR is about a young and vibrant approach to PR and Marketing while always being aware of the budgetary considerations of each client. Our team offers you the experience, expertise and worldwide connections to take the guess work out of bringing you the results you demand from your every marketing and public relations endeavors.

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